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Originally Posted by MartinAustin
But beware, if they get over the graphics slowdown hump, it's going to be one of the most useful operating systems available.
(Yes, I know this is not representative of your actual opinion, MartinAustin, in advance, given of course that you yourself have a PC and are willingly testing Vista).

But, beware? Are we FOR Apple, or AGAINST MS? One man's ability is no threat to another's. I want the best operating system I can get. Let MS and Apple both work at full force, and may both of them produce the best they possibly can. We'll decide what's best for each of us and use it. I'm so sick of this 'down with Microsoft, let's conform to the idea of nonconformity' mentality. I don't use Mac OS X because too many people use Windows. I use it because it's good. I use it because I like using it. I bought my iBook because I thought that it had value in and of itself, not because it was the negation of an "evil" that is Windows. I don't think Microsoft is evil, but even if I did, using a Macintosh simply because it's not a PC is no reason to use it at all. Any time you settle for anything, you acknowledge that you are either unable or unwilling to fix your problems for yourself. This is the mentality that creates people who spout anti-Microsoft propaganda without proof, and secretly hope that the next Windows OS will fail, so they will continue to be one step ahead of the game without having to THINK about which system is better.

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