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Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post
Basic SMART status checks like what Disk Utility does rely on the manufacturer's criteria in assessing the variables that a SMART test checks. From everything I've read, the manufacturers tend to push that as far as possible, meaning a drive that fails a basic SMART test is on the verge of failure.

More advanced tools like DriveDx and SMART Utility rely on tools from an open source project that more carefully analyze that same data and can give an earlier warning of the state of a drive's health than regular tools do.
Got it.

Downloaded DriveDx, ran the free "try now" option, and here's what I get:

Advanced SMART Status : OK
Overall Health Rating : GOOD 77.1%
Overall Performance Rating : GOOD 77.1%
Issues found : 1
Under "problems summary," there's this:

Warnings (life-span / pre-fail) : 1 (1 / 0)
When I click on that one, it says "load cycle count" is at 327.134, and status is at 1%.

How do I parse all that, and what does it say about the gravity of my problem? Should I hit the panic button, order an SSD right this minute and swap out the hard drive ASAP?
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