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Originally Posted by ScaryFatKidGT View Post
Yeah I know there is the 665M 670M and 680M too but I went from a 320M to a 650M that is why I'm kinda pissed. And I was told on here even a 2013 13" with Intel HD 4000 should run LOL at high, I hate the pix-elated shadows but when I take the shadows from med to high FPS goes from 60 to 30 but I have heard that not only do mac's suck for gaming but the mac LOL client sucks so I'm going to try and boot camp, just don't want viruses and crap, why I went mac in the first place, they just work

Any body ever hacked/modded a different graphics card into a macbook? I did think about getting a iMac with a 780M but then I was like I might as well just build a hackicough cough aasashdadjffgkrnfjfrhahdkff........... and I really wanted a laptop anyway so thats what I got.
I have tried to run WoW on my Mac Mini, it has HD4000 graphics.. hah. no.. Who ever told you it would run at high, was uh high.. It want run even at low setting at 1920x1080. Not run and be raid playable that is. Not sure anyone here would tell you that it would though, these guys have little more common sense then other forums out here.

And its not that gaming sucks on a mac. Its just many games are designed for DirectX. Thus there is no DX on a Mac, its a windows API.

Also, never ever will a Mobile graphics chipset ever be as fast as a stand alone card. Well not until they start integrating graphics RAM into the CPU/iGPU wafer. Then maybe, but not at present. This is why mobile graphics perform so slow, they share graphics memory with the system RAM, thus slower RAM and slower buss means slower video.

If you looking for a gaming laptop, then Alienware may be the place you should be looking at. They make laptops with "real" standalone video cards built inside. Keep in mind, battery life on those is like 5mins and they way about 12-15 pounds. So expect to work up a good sweat toating that around. ;-)

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