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Originally Posted by Exodist View Post
I quit playing wow this year and sold my gaming PC. Even with dual GT 560 Ti's in SLI more under Win7 I only got 40-60FPS at Med-high settings in areas like town or in a raid using raid finder. So there ya go.. The MBP isn't doing to bad, its the game thats taking a nose dive.

That said, the ____M on the 650M means its a Mobile chipset, not a high performance chipset. Don't expect it to perform nearly half as good as a older NON mobile chipset (I.e; a stand alone card). The more memory is required for textures in a game, the slower the mobile platform will become due to memory sharing from the system over a much slower buss.
Yeah I know there is the 665M 670M and 680M too but I went from a 320M to a 650M that is why I'm kinda pissed. And I was told on here even a 2013 13" with Intel HD 4000 should run LOL at high, I hate the pix-elated shadows but when I take the shadows from med to high FPS goes from 60 to 30 but I have heard that not only do mac's suck for gaming but the mac LOL client sucks so I'm going to try and boot camp, just don't want viruses and crap, why I went mac in the first place, they just work

Any body ever hacked/modded a different graphics card into a macbook? I did think about getting a iMac with a 780M but then I was like I might as well just build a hackicough cough aasashdadjffgkrnfjfrhahdkff........... and I really wanted a laptop anyway so thats what I got.
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