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Exodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really nice
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I quit playing wow this year and sold my gaming PC. Even with dual GT 560 Ti's in SLI more under Win7 I only got 40-60FPS at Med-high settings in areas like town or in a raid using raid finder. So there ya go.. The MBP isn't doing to bad, its the game thats taking a nose dive.

That said, the ____M on the 650M means its a Mobile chipset, not a high performance chipset. Don't expect it to perform nearly half as good as a older NON mobile chipset (I.e; a stand alone card). The more memory is required for textures in a game, the slower the mobile platform will become due to memory sharing from the system over a much slower buss.

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