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Hi there! I'm looking for a mac wizard to kindly offer their expertise with something.

I have an old mid-2008 MBP that someone gave me after mine was stolen recently. I migrated over a time machine back up from an external, but now it won't boot past the blue screen. I found out that the reason for this is likely because I did not update the software on the MBP - it was running 10.6 and my back-up is newer - 10.7. I was told I need to wipe the MBP clean and install 10.7 on it. I have no idea how to do this when it won't boot, though. I am not able to take it to an apple store, and I can't afford to hire someone right now, so I'm hoping someone might be able to help! It won't boot in recovery mode, but it does boot in safe mode. I don't understand the difference between them though!

I greatly appreciate any help you all may have,

Thank you!!
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