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Originally Posted by Exodist View Post
Keep in mind that almost everything in your computer is connected on some base of RF modulation. Which means in laymen terms, it will and can be affected by radio transmissions. Also it is not uncommon for speaker wire to act as an antenna and allow you to here un scrambled radio communication, such as local radio station, home based radio like CB and such. Heck my cell phone turns on and off my monitors when to close.. LOL
I was thinking it could have something to do with the planar technology in the HE-400's but he said all of his headphones do it, he should see if it makes the noise elsewhere like 10 miles away or more from his home... maybe see if it gets louder one direction he could pinpoint the location of the alien transmissions.

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Come on folks - we all know it's gotta be haunted and the poor soul is reaching out trying to make contact. Time to call in Amy and Steve to find out what's really going on.
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