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Originally Posted by mrplow View Post are normally quite good at letting you know what the advised max is and what has been shown to work. For a 2012 iMac the max they show is 32gb
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Apple no longer sells "MacBooks".

Your posting mentions an iMac...but does not mention what Apple laptop you have. As far as the max. ram. Sometimes some Mac models can have a higher max. ram then they had when first released, and sometimes they don't.

This is usually because higher density ram modules (16 gig ram modules in this case) were not available when the computer was first released. Sometimes the higher density ram modules work...and sometimes they don't.

Only actual testing with the higher ram modules will answer the question if it will work. There is no accurate "theorizing" that can be done...since this can only be determined on a model by model basis.

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Macbook Pro* same difference, you know what I mean't I'm guessing...

Exactly what I mean the 16gb single module is just coming out and the reason I mentioned the iMac is because OS X obviously supports 32gb its not like windows where you need the premium version to support 32, OS X 10.8 and 10.9 support 32 so I'm wondering
1. Does anyone make a 16gb 1600mhz stick that is apple compatible and 2. has anyone ever stuck it in say a 2012 MBP? Would it work?
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