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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
Why would you recommend someone burden their Mac with stuff that has, IMO, no benefit or protection to them but other people??

If you REALLY are sharing drives amongst Windows users and want to do them a service, I'd suggest ClamXav instead. It is a virus scanner that you can run on demand when you need. So run it on the USB flash drive and move on.

There is absolutely no need to be running (and paying for) an always-on virus scanner..
Dont think just for jourself, help other people to.

Why I recommend mac users antivirus? simple answer/explanation:
My family 2 mac users and 3 windows users, 2 of 3 win users click on every blinking ad with text "You are lucky winer...". At least once a month my mother call me with virus problem.

Sophos is free and dont use much resources. I dont even notice that is running on my macbook pro.

Ofcourse everyone makes their own decisions.
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