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Thanks for the ideas/replies guys. They are high quality non wireless headphones. I'm sure there are no adds in the background because this can happen without any programs open in windows. I figured there could be a virus in windows doing it (which i honestly expected and am not worried about because it can be wiped) but when I heard it on the Mac partition I was worried. I will try to open it in safe mode and run some malware software.
The strange thing is I keep my internet/wireless connection off on my windows side almost always. If I need it I manually turn it on so there is nothing going on via the web.

So is thee a windows virus that can present itself on a separate partition even if it is osx? Or since I was only on my windows partition for a half hour,was the virus fulfilling its duty at the hourish mark regardless or partition?

Should I just find a better copy of windows and reinstall it on the partition? I'm not losing anything valuable just time..

Thank you all,
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