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So I just got a 2012 15" 2.6ghz macbook pro with the 1gb of graphics memory on the GT 650 and I was told by a post on here that it would run LOL and WOW at virtually max settings and that even a 2012/2013 13" would run them way better than my 2012 but it isn't... now I came from a 2010 13" 2.66 macbook and it would run LOL on medium at about 20-40fps now this computer will run LOL at med-hi to high (only that shadow detail setting changes) at 60fps smashed right to the ceiling but then will drop down to 20fps sometimes? ... this is why I like console gaming... sooooo I did figure out to uncheck the auto graphics switching check box and this helped (is the graphics switching really that dumb that it tries to switch to integrated while gaming????) but it still does it, while it does it about half as much and only down to the 30's vs the 20's (fps) it is still annoying and it only runs very high settings at about 30fps.

Is this normal? I went from 256mb shared DDR3? on a 320M to 1gb of DDR5 on a 650M with a 2.6 quad-core i7, can't it run very high at a constant 40-50fps? Why the drop downs?

Should I just forget OS X and bootcamp and install on windows? I have yet to play WOW but I'm hoping it runs better on OS X than LOL.
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