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Hi Everybody,

I just bought a new Samsung LED and am having some trouble hooking up my mid 2008 Macbook Pro to it with audio.

Before I get into the issue I'm having, here is the exact TV I purchased:

And here is an image I took of the back panel of the TV:

As for my Macbook Pro, its a mid 2008 model so I'm working with a DVI port and the headphone jack for audio. Here is an image of all the ports I have to work with:

My old TV had an HDMI port with accompanying audio-in ports. This new TV doesn't have anything like that, despite the Samsung website stating that there is a "DVI Audio In Mini Jack". I actually just called Samsung to ask about this and they said that is incorrect information and the TV doesn't have any such port. I'm also not sure why the "HDMI IN 4" port is labeled as "(DVI)"...

I can get video from my Macbook to show up just fine by using a DVI to HDMI cable, but cant figure out how to get audio along with it since there is no paired audio-in ports. I thought of a couple of options, but upon doing a bit of research it seems that neither of them produce consistent or good results

Option 1:
Purchasing a DVI + Audio to HDMI adapter. The goal here is to merge the separate audio and video sources from my Macbook into one single HDMI cable so the TV would pick it all up. I found items such as this one on Amazon, but this one and all similar products have mixed reviews:

Option 2:
Purchasing a DVI to Video Component converter. This sounded like a great solution until I read in several places that Macs don't convert video to component well at all, causing a completely distorted image. Here is an example of this cable converter:

I apologize for the length of this post, but I wanted to make sure I gave adequate details on my situation. If anybody has experienced and solved an issue such as this I would love to know what you did. Also, if anybody has any ideas on different methods of solving this it would be much appreciated.

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