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I have a macbook retina and absolutely love it. I do everything with it and have windows 7 and parallels on it to game on.

Now to the issue. Every now and again I hear very low voices in the background without anything actually playing. This normally happens on the windows partition with no network connection and nothing running. Occasionally i will hear it while playing a game but it only happens once per boot and does not last long. I cannot understand what the voice is saying.
This time I got done on my windows side playing a game and restarted to go to the mac partition and about an hour or so after boot with my headphones on I hear it again. No ads in the background, no videos playing, nothing.

Im at a loss. My computer is running fine and is still very fast but it is annoying and worries me that there might be a virus or something maybe?? I'm not the most advanced mac user as i just started with osx when i got this retina but i am getting to know my way around things and feel as though i am slightly more knowledgeable than the average (basic) user.

Are there any programs i should run to check for malware or anything like that or do you have any ideas?
(No i am not crazy)

Thanks for the help,
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