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Thanks, all, for the replies. Here are responses to your items.

1. I do not have Private Browsing checked.
2. I just now installed LastPass but that doesn't work for this site. LastPass requires email addresses as logins, and this forum doesn’t use email addresses. I tried to use it for the password only, but it still required an email address for login.
3. I access the forums web pages at, enter my login info, log in and then out, and the login name and password remain blank. I also tried logging in from the home page, Mac Forum & Discussions on Apple Products and Services.
4. I have quite a few extensions so I turned off extensions in Safari preferences. I also used GlimmerBlocker (a system preference/launch agent/launch daemon) and I reinstall and finally disabled it along with the extensions. I also found several older add-ons in Application Support and deleted them. None of this helped.
5. I still use Safari Cookies, found in Application Support. I didn't try disabling it because I'm not sure I wish to lose several years of data that it has collected. Maybe it just recreates data as needed, I’m not sure. I suppose I could disable it as a last resort.

So, I'm still at a loss.
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