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thank you for the answer. I am sure it is not software or apps or programs, since both 10.4 and now 10.5 shows the same. also, just before booting in the Open Firmware environment i see similar black marks/patterns/dots/symbols, just in certain different areas. Since in open firmware environment i can only write with keyboard, they are stable and not moving, while after loading in normal environment a move creates increases decreases these marks. It seems that graphic card indeed could be responsible for this and maybe i should search for some drivers to update. Is graphic card also responsible for images in the Open Firmware environment?

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Graphics hardware is integrated...and thus not replaceable. If you want to be 100% sure that the problem is NOT software or OS related...boot the computer from an OS install disk.

If you still get the problem while booting from a OS install disk (DVD)...then it's a hardware issue.

- Nick
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