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He can transfer a movie to the iPad provided it is in the correct format.
As long as he downloads iTunes and manages his iPad with that, he shouldn't have any issues.
(iTunes won't import file types such as .mkv, and the iPad won't play them to my knowledge)
I know plenty of PC users that can't stand apple products and I know plenty that love their iPads and iPhones and all that jazz.
I think the real question is how much your son would like to customize his device.... while Apple makes a great product it is very difficult to customize compared to other products.
Asus makes a great tablet (cheaper too). Actually, all the other brands are cheaper and generally have more features and you can customize them to the nth degree.
Having said all that, I think your son will be stoked with whatever option you provide. The iPad minis are pretty neat I will say that. My buddy has one and playing games on it is miles better than on the iPhone. As well as watching movies.
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