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Hey there,

My 4month old macbook pro recently stopped working, it beeped 3 times, 5 second pause, 3 times etc....

This ismy 2nd macbook pro, the first one they said it would cost 1000$ to fix, and i bought this one instead.

I was very careful with this, having 3 cases, a waterproof casing and so forth.

I went to the apple store on thursday, and they stated they would do a free repair.

However, they called me today saying they found corrosion and i have to pay 755$ + other fees to replace the logicboard.

Its the new 13inch retina display with 8GB ram.

Talking to the store manager, he said he cannot do anything, but he offered me some 5% pathetic discount (doesn't even make sense as i get 4% off being a student).

What do i do.
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