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Originally Posted by teaman5 View Post
Thanks for replying.
It restarted fine after that. I have since cloned using CCC trial.

I just hope I can restore later using disk utility because the CCC trial will be over in a month.
Originally Posted by chscag View Post
The obvious answer here is to buy CCC. It has saved me from a disaster numerous times and is worth every penny the developer is asking for it. But it's your choice of course.
Well, did you verify whether the CCC clone booted your computer? If so or if not, then you need to determine that you have a valid bootable clone; I just cloned my iMac & MBPro w/ the program, which I did purchased (quite inexpensive insurance policy in my mind).

Of course, you realize that as you make changes on your computer (removing or installing programs, system changes, browser bookmarks, etc.) you will need to re-clone the machine - this will be quick w/ CCC since only 'changed' files are added to the clone from my brief experience - AND if you need to do a restoration? Just some thoughts from a 'new' user of CCC - good luck in your choice. Dave
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