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Not sure it is the same problem but I will post my issue here and maybe you can try to do what I do and see if it works. If some other persons could help me out on my issue too that'd be great!

Here it is:

I also have a Macbook pro with Mac OS 10.6.8
I have been having some issues with my Airport and wifi connection since I migrated from a provider to another. I don't know if it's related but it happened at the same time. It's been 3 days and since then:

Every time I open the lid I am not connected to any network and need to choose my network. When I do, it does connect to the network but still I am unable to go on internet successfully. I need to go on:

Open network preferences>Assist me>Diagnostics>Select a location ( I always have the option between "Location" and "Location (17/10/2012 17:46)" and usually choose either one) At this point it tells me on the right the Network status and the following are green: Airport, Airport settings, Network settings but the following are red: ISP, Internet, Sever.

I am then asked to choose a network port configuration which is Airport in this case and then asked to choose a network where I select mine of course. It then diagnose and at this point it always green out all the network status and I am finally able to access internet.

This is very time consuming and frustrating so I would like to know how to resolve this. Now, the other issue is that I have tried to tweak it on my own and I was playing with the Locations and since then the Airport won't even show my network at all whereas it is showing fine on all the other devices I have in my home. I therefore decided to use my mobile phone as tethering to write this message and I have noticed exactly the same problem as with my other network. This one shows but I still have to go through all the diagnostics first to make it work.

Any advice?
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