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Hello all.

Hope I'm not in the wrong sub forum.

Bought a Macbook Pro (used).
Updated Mountain Lion - no problems.
Installed Logic Pro X. No problems, until nearly finished, when it asked for my password.

I hadn't got the password from the seller. I called him, but he took hours to respond.
Meanwhile, I went in and changed password, using terminal 'reset password' etc. (involving restart)

Now, Logic Pro X opens it's installer, asks for my password, accepts it, then does nothing. (I've waited hours)
Activity monitor shows that it is running, but no progress in the download/installation bar.

Have I wrecked things by changing my password halfway through?

(Word for Mac downloaded fine. Other software, too.)

Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks, CB

(PS got the original password eventually - but now redundant) (this MBP is high enough spec for Logic)
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