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Thanks to both of you for replying.

I was afraid that the answer would be like what Mark FX described. Sounds like if I really wanted to do what I plan on doing the option would be to make them from scratch. I don't think the source code is available anywhere. I can always try learning how to make apps, but I probably wouldn't be able to get them to her any time soon either.

It's from that swimming anime show. She's nuts about it. :/

The sites she gave me for the information are:
●TVアニメFree! Illustration WORKS - 京アニショップ!
TV≪<Free!Illustration WORKS | 篋≪激с鐚
They're in Japanese, but Google Translate seems to work well enough for the important parts.

I looked around the best I could and couldn't find a Mac version of the application. Apparently somebody somewhere in the world has already shared the original Windows program(s) online. My sister gave me this link for the program(s):!t0EE3RqA!fFCS7U...Fi03pEOx6XBVk0

If anybody can lend a helping hand it would be great and if not then that's understandable too. I know it's not exactly something that piques the interest and it'd probably be quite the undertaking.

Thanks for the replies thus far. They've been very helpful.
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