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Unfortunately running your Windows application with WineBottler or Parallels, or even VMware Fusion, doesn’t make the application a truly native Mac OSX application, although it may appear to be when it appears on your Mac’s desktop, the program is actually running in a kind of virtual Windows window.
So the screen buddies you are referring to are in these virtual windows, which have a square or rectangular border, which is what your seeing with the black border, the window border won’t be visible when running on the Windows operating system although it is still there, so this means that the application will only truly run in a native way on the operating system it was designed and compiled for.

So this leaves you with only two other options, firstly you could install Apple’s Boot Camp software, and then install one of Microsoft’s Windows operating system on a separate partition on your Mac’s hard disk, and then use Boot Camp to start your machine with either the OSX or Windows operating systems, which in essence means you have to operating systems installed on your machine.
This option might be considered a complex overkill to run only one Windows application, and I’m not sure I would want to go this route, and leave your sister with a complex situation of having to decide which operating system to boot to when she starts up her Mac machine.

This leaves you with an option that McBie has eluded to, and that is to rewrite the application in native Apple Mac code, which as a novice developer would be a massive undertaking, and a steep learning curve if you’ve never done any programming before.
It’s unlikely that you will be able to locate the original source code for the application, but it might be worth trying.
It’s also likely that the programming language that the application was originally written in may not be a native Apple Mac language, like Microsoft’s C# programming language for example.
If it where written in the C++ or Java languages, then it could be modified and re compiled to run natively on the Mac, but again this would be a big undertaking for a novice programmer.

I assume you’ve visited the Book’s web site or support page, and checked out if there is a Mac version of the Book’s extra content software, if you haven’t then that would be a good starting point before checking out the other options listed above.
If there is a web site associated with the Book’s software, then it might be worth posting a link to it so that other members here could look into it on your behalf.

So in short, there’s no really simple solution to your problem, and I can only sympathise with you, and feel frustrated that you are unable to provide your sister with a great and thoughtful birthday present.
But do post a link to the book’s web site or support pages, and then the other forum members like myself could visit it and investigate the possibilities in more depth.

Regards Mark
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