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So here's the thing. My sister bought this Japanese imported book and it has extra content in the form of a Windows program that runs these little "desktop buddies" all over her screen. She loves the buggers. I'm looking for a way to port the programs over to her OS X system as sort of a birthday type gift.

I've tried converting them with WineBottler and other apps, but they run with black boxes around them and the audio won't play. When you click them or place them next to each other they're suppose to play special audio samples and "converse" with each other. They're not suppose to interact with the windows or junk like that.

I know absolutely nothing about programming. My niche is graphic design and video. Not programming so I could really use some advice.

Can anybody suggest an application I've overlooked during my hours on google? Is this something I can even manage on my own? Do I need to find a service? Anybody willing to help me out pro bono? Is this the wrong forum section?

The file she gave me has 17 files: 8 .exe, 8 .ini, and one .dat
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