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Originally Posted by J-Money View Post
I recently updated my macbook air 2013 to the new version of mac osx, and :I HATE some of the changes. Most importantly is that they changed the look of the notes app and multiple things about the activity monitor app. I despise the new look of notes and was wondering if there was any way to return it to the old legal paper look? Also, is there anyway yo change activity monitor back to how it was with the pie chart and graphs? Thank you for any help.
Hello & welcome to the forum!

Apple has basically eliminated the skeuomorphism from its OSs (see Apple's iOS7, Well, It Was Time For Skeuomorphism To Die - Forbes) w/ their release of iOS 7 and now w/ Mavericks which is also taking on more of the features (and apps) from iOS 7. Many have (and will) miss all of the faux details (yellow paper, leather, simulated wood, etc.) but I doubt that these appearances will return - for myself (and wife), we have completely adjusted to iOS 7 on our iPads and the new appearance of Notes is fine w/ me. So the issue in part is simply personal preferences. Now, I don't use the 'Activity Monitor' much but look forward to comments from others. Dave :
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