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Originally Posted by dtravis7
The only reason I tried OSX was at the time it was my only Mac that could run OSX of any kind and I was itching to try it! Now I use it with OS8.6 for old programs like you do.

Yes, It's 5 Volt RAM. I have found a lot of it on Ebay.

OSX was sort of slow but hey, at least I was finally able to mess with it at the time anyway!

I remember the Daystar Upgrades for the Mac.
Excellent, I am glad the memory is relatively available on eBay. Since I have OS X on the PowerBook G4; my hankering is fine!

I have tweaked the system and initialised the second hard drive (yep it had the base 2gig scsi drive and an 8.4gig scsi drive) so all the old documents are gone, and deleted a lot of the old software that I do not use and indeed isn't licensed to me.

So far it is working great - the PRAM battery needs replacing as it won't keep the time.

Otherwise, I'm very happy - I have Word 5 running now which is my favourite word processor for really crunching some words. I will install Excel 4 soon, Photoshop 5 and Quark 4, and Claris Works 4. (Like I say, a whole bunch of nice applications to install -- I prefer Claris Works 4 to AppleWorks 6 for some reason despite them being superficially the same).

I still love my OS X machine; it is so fast compared to the Power Macintosh 8500 (boot up still takes a while), but it is also great to see OS 8 on the screen too; the user interface I am most familiar with. (Well System 7.1/7.5 but this is virtually the same anyway!)

The case it very yellowed but so is the 7200 of mine, the only thing that's a shame is the front of the case's clips seem to have broken on one side so it doesn't fit flush with the chassis.

Otherwise for 5, I am not moaning :flower: I think all I would do for this machine is upgrade the memory, otherwise 10gb of drive space, and the speed of it is great for what I need.

Vicky :flower:


That's the G3 card in question.
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