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Originally Posted by dtravis7
That is a Great deal. I have an 8500/120 and yes it will take 1GB RAM. It's in Pairs.

Is that CPU Mod a Sonnet with a large purple heat sink by the way? If so I got OSX 10.2 to run on it with XPostFacto.
Nah it's the XLR8 G3 thing made by Daystar (the other big name in accelerators).

I don't really want to run OS X on this, believe it or not. The reason for having the machine is so I can run all the software that did not make it to OS X Plus it'd slow it down unnecessarily.

I presume this takes 5v DIMM memory like the 7200 and 7500?

I might have another 32meg laying around somewhere to bring it up to 192MB - not bad for what I was only expecting to be a free 7500 with 16MB.... :flower:

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