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Deciding my old Power Macintosh 7200 which I use for classic stuff, I was offered a 7500 for 5 today, knowing it was cheaper to upgrade I agreed even if I did end up getting passed on to someone else.

So I drove there to collect, turns out he's throwing in a free Sony Trinitron CRT, and an ADB mouse and keyboard. Very handy I think. Except the RAM is not 256, as he had advertised. He fiddled around, and in doing so the 7500 kept on bombing, so he had a look out back. He came back some time later with a 8500/120. It's the same but in a tower unit. So he powers it up, it works, 160MB. So all is well, I carry out a 8500/120, Sony monitor, ADB mouse and keyboard and a free 7500 to boot for spares or repair. 5 job done..

I get home and notice the XLR8 sticker on the tower. Then I notice a 68pin SCSI connector on the backplane, plus a actual VGA style 15pin connector - this is what he connected the Trinitron to. So it has a graphics card too, not bad!

I open it up and notice a massive heatsink, one much bigger than needed for a 604 120MHz PPC. It's in the daughter card slot too..

I go to Apple System Profiler, and it turns out it has a G3/333MHz with 1MB L2 cache!!

What an awesome bargain for 5 :flower:

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