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Thank you bobtomay and dtravis7 for all the help.For a variety and number of reasons we decided to buy a new TV. All electrical components have a tendency to be pricey here not to mention that the only store where they might be got is a haul away- by Irish standards anyway.Another lesson learnt about moving with the times.But I am very appreciative of all the help given to me on this and indeed many other issues.

Yes Nick,made the journey - there, back,there and back again today as I left back the Apple TV.Ireland,like a lot of places I'm sure, can be a strange place to travel in if you have no car available and it was only that lady wife didn't need the car like she thought she would yesterday and today that freed it up.

Bought a new TV with wi fi etc and loads of more modern connections and will see how we get on with that and if the Apple TV is still needed we can get it another time or on line now that we know.We just have to get our act together and move with the times
p.s. talking of moving with the times I learnt yesterday that if your iPad is linked to your iMac and you delete all the favourite icons off the screen of the iPad to tidy it up, you also delete them off your iMac !! Nice one Larry The good news though is that I didn't delete any of lady wife's so it goes to show that there is a silver lining to every cloud,in this case a very lucky lining.Whew

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