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Hi Dennis,

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly.I had a read of that article and realise I am a bit in the dark and apart from the two cable I have tried,am not sure how the rest would work.

The cable from the store, an Advent brand,says that it is a DVI to HDMI cable suitable for connecting devices with a DVI port to HDMI enabled devices such as TVs,monitors and projectors.When I went back with the HDMI x2 cable, there was a discussion between the store staff and the Apple rep(the store is a general TV/Computer/Audio store with an Apple sales desk ) and this was what they came up with.In trying to research I saw mention of audio cable and don't know if a separate audio should be rigged up as well?Looking at the Apple TV, I see a small what looks like slot that maybe is pushed in but didn't touch it and don't know what cable would go there anyway.But the DVI slot is the last slot free.

I must admit that I realised today how much time has caught up with me.A 10 yr old HD TV, although by all accounts a good quality ,appears to be verging towards obsolete for the purposes of HDMI and there is a sense that if I can't get the Apple TV rigged up,it will be a case of forget about it or buy a new TV.No Apple TV is not the end of the world but it is probably only a matter of time before the TV I have will be 'found out' on some other aspect.The day started with excitement buying the iPadAir and ends with the old versus the new. Not sure I can justify getting rid of a perfectly good TV but as I said, a reminder of how quickly one can become out of date LOL
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