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Selling a 15inch Macbook Pro to a girl this weekend...
I do not know the girl and want to both make sure I am handing off a machine that is free of all my stuff and also handing her a machine ready to be used as if its the first time it's turned on.

What is the order here? I've never used Time Machine or any backup service to be honest (I know I know). Do i simply plug in an external hard drive and let Time Machine do it's thing and then just put the original OSX discs that came with the Macbook in it to reformat?

Now we the 0 out stuff... how long does the 7 pass take and is that overkill?

And lastly, what do I do about disconnecting itunes from the machine? Do i do that first or after Time Machine?

I will be getting a new macbook in time but it will be a few months... Not sure I will want to put everything back on the new one but always nice to know that it's all there if I do want to...

thanks for the help
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