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What the support page is saying is that the computer will allow the battery to discharge down to 95% and then a recharge cycle will kick off. The fact that you are going to 94% is, I think, immaterial.

The reason the computer allows the battery to discharge is because rechargeable batteries work best when they're being cycled. Yes, you do lose a tiny bit of capacity with each cycle, but you can't expect to keep your battery charged at 100% for an indefinite amount of time until you go to use it, say, a year down the road. Batteries, even rechargeables, are consumable items.

(There are lots of other threads on these forums about this, so you may want to do a search. I handled PC support for many years at a couple different companies and I've seen batteries that were never taken off their chargers, in some cases for up to 2 years, and have zero capacity when the power was removed. Every PC manufacturer will tell you to cycle your batteries if you want them to keep running.)

If your battery makes it to a 100% charge, you won't be able to make the argument that there's a problem with your charger. Either it supplies the required voltage or it doesn't. If your battery won't take a charge or hold one, then you have a problem with your battery.

Based on what you've described, it sounds like everything is working normally.

If you are still under warranty, you can call Apple (or better yet, speak to a Genius at an Apple Store) and see what they will do.
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