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I've got two AppleTV's running in my home. An ATV2 in one room, and AT3 in the other. Both are on 6.0.1. Both run wirelessly. Both stream content from my iTunes library (no internet viewing...Netflix, rented from iTunes store etc).

After I upgraded to 6.0.1, on both machines, the buffering takes a minimum of 5-10 minutes before the content will actually play, and the buffering does not stay ahead of the playback (so eventually it freezes up).

I have my iTunes library currently stored on a 2TB harddrive, and have approx 64gb of free space on that hard-drive.

My iMac has a 1 TB harddrive and approx 750gb of available space.

I've reset my network, reset my router, reset both AppleTV's.

The problem still remains.

Any ideas why this may be happening? My next step is to free up space on the external hard-drive to see if that helps.
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