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Another +1 for the non-retina version of the MBP! I would never buy something that could not be easily upgraded, having upgraded RAM or disc drives or replaced batteries in nearly every laptop computer I have ever owned, at one time or another.

IF you want to spend the extra money, I would say a faster processor would have a better Cost/Benefit ratio than extra RAM would, 8GB should be more than adequate. I have been a heavy user of a MacBook Pro (upgraded from 2GB to 4GB) and rarely saw much swapping with VM (virtual memory page transfers.) I recently upgraded from 4GB to 8GB so I can run Windows under VMWare Fusion (which recommends 6GB.) The SSD will also make RAM / VM transfers much faster, alleviating any swapping delays.

You can do a lot with 4GB. Only a huge spreadsheet would need any more RAM. For your purposes, 8GB should be more than adequate.

Just my 2 . Enjoy your new Mac.
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