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Hey all,

I had gmail set up in on my Mac when it had Mountain Lion and it worked okay but deleted the accounts. Upgraded to Mavericks but had issues non stop, not the ones everyone describes, but ones where I'd add the account, and nothing would happen, no folders show up no mail nothing. Sometimes I'd be able to get it to work but would always break. I wanted to erase all the preferences so online said to go to Library/Containers and delete the folder which I did. When I stated Mail it was like it was new, I added my gmail account etc, customized the tool bar and all seemed to work. When I closed the app and re-launched it later my accounts were gone, so I had to set them all up again. Later when restarting it, the tool bar was back to the default even though my accounts were there. So something is messed up and it's constantly erasing the settings and so on. Is there any way to properly reinstall it without reinstalling my machine? I have time machine backups but they all started from after Mavericks only a few weeks ago. Just wondering if I'm basically screwed or if there's a proper way to reset it all back to defaults or what I can do? Thanks!
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