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Originally Posted by applegeek911 View Post
Though I'd like the 2013 Retina MacBook Pro or 2013 Hazwell MacBook Air, unfortunately that fit in my budget right now. I looked at some refurbushed machines on the Apple Store website and the cheapest 13" MacBook Air would take me almost 4 years to save for

However, I stumbled upon this website called Mac of All Trades which sells refurbushed Macs for affordable prices. All of their machines come with 90-day warranties and some include AppleCare. Buy & Sell Refurbished & Used Mac Products | mac of all trades

Right now, I'm between buying a Late 2008 Alluminum MacBook and a Mid 2010 MacBook White Unibody

What do you guys think?
I'd certainly recommend going the used route over new/apple.. economically it's a wise move, and face it, most Macs are plenty fast enough! for students, a 2009 Macbook pro or 2009/2010 Unibody macbook is way fast enough for 98% of daily 'stuff'...the unibody style Macs are hugely reliable, and I think most of them are going to be around for a decade, short of abuse/liquid damage....

Personally, I'd go for a used Macbook pro 13" or white unibody - - you should be able to get into either one with upgrades & extras for less than 50% of the price of a new Macbook Pro..

that said, where to go....

Mac Of all trades? IMHO, they're a decent company, albeit with some complaints as well.

Personally, I (working with a local school) sold them a bunch of used systems (out of the school) several years back, and while we (the school) eventually got paid, it was a. less than originally stated and b. a long time coming. But that was a couple years ago, so maybe things have changed. I'm not gonna knock 'em heavily for that...

As a consumer, they're probably worth considering. I would look at any of the Mac suppliers who've been around for more than a decade.

My personal short-list of suppliers and recommendations:

Low End Mac: Make the most of your Apple gear - - they have a list of vendors, although they seem to be getting rather slow at doing updates ...

Apple Computers - New Macs, Used Macs & Accessories | PowerMax - ugly website, but tons of info. have bought a couple systems from them over the years and have been treated well. So, along with Forrest Gump, "ugly is as ugly does"...

Wegener Media - Mac Sales and Service - they photograph every Mac for you to look at.. I've bought 2 there this year and been quite happy, and have more than a few clients who've bought from them.. The photos are a nice bonus, if you're considering a used Mac. [I'd recommend getting photos from any company offering used machines]

chscag - sorry, but please don't go recommending craigslist.

WAY too many documented cases of rape and armed robberies from craigslist connections (I know 2 firsthand!).. Life is too short to be risking getting shot for your saved-up pennies!

One final word of warning... avoid Gainsaver, like the plague! check BBB ratings on any company you're considering, and if they aren't A, don't go with them..
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