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personally, my opinion would be to buy something other than an Air.

i'd go with a used 13" Macbook Pro prior to an Air. ANY macbook Pro 13"... yeah.

the air has an utterly emasculated processor, its incapable of upgrades (other than an SSD card upgrade later), and is quite flimsy. I've had them, fixed them, and wouldn't want one.

Oh, and you get 3-4x' the battery life from a Pro. Heck you could buy a 4 yr old pro and put an SSD HDD in it, bump the ram to 8gb, and have equal (or better) performance than the Air.... and probably spend about 60% of the cost to do so.

But that's my opnion... i've owned both.. and many other macs.

Now, if you forced me to go with an Air, i'd go for the higher proce power now (to make up for the wimpy processing capacity), and lower HDD, then i'd plan to go third party on a larger HDD when the warranty expires.....
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