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Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
G'day and welcome to the forums.

By chance do you have AppleCare's three year warranty? If so take it back. If not, what operating system and did this recently start and of course, any chance of a spill?
Allow me to copy that, albeit with a caveat.

1 IF your machine is still within applecare, FIRST check your machine for ANY POSSIBLE sign of liquid damage. it might even be worth the while to run by a 'non-apple' shop and have them inspect (most shops that know Macs will know exactly where to look). IF it's under warranty and they find any spot of liquid, your mac will be blacklisted (or you'll be charged the TierIV pricing which is $850 on a 13"and $1050 on a 15")..

2. Check to make sure it's not user-induced software....
- a. create a new user and log in to it.. (this eliminates possility of user apps or stuff causing the issue).... if it still replicates, the issue is probably hardware (a bad keyboard).
- b. if it still replicates, reboot holding SHIFT (extensions off).. then log into the new user again... this confirms if it's software or hardware..

3. If you did 1 and 2 (above), AND it's under warrnaty, make it apple's problem...

if it's not under warranty, I can tell you what it's going to need... a keyboard is the issue. apple doesn't sell the keyboard directly, but several online companies do - -i think it's under $50 for the part.. check with wegener media or Mac Resource - both should have it.. they could also facilitate the repair I'm sure, IF you don't have a competent shop nearby (or don't want to do it yourself).

The repair for a bad kbd is about 2hrs for a novice.. you'll need the keyboard, a #0 philips, and a Triwing screwdriver (for battery)... it's not terrible, but it's not for the fainthearted either.. look at ifixit's instructions if you're trying to decide....
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