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Originally Posted by platinum
but just to clarify, there is absolutely NO way to run OS 9.x.x on the mac mini? i don't mind buyin an OS 9.x.x disc from ebay or something. in fact, i found an OS 9.x.x restore CD on ebay. would it work with the mac mini?
You got all the answers you need, but to clarify:
No, there's no way you can boot a Mac mini with OS9, not even with original retail disks.

The last mac that was able to boot in OS9 was the PowerMac G4 MDD (late 2003, without FW800). Every Mac that came out after that modell, and even most Macs that were sold at the same time, are unable to boot in OS9 due to hardware that is not supported by OS9.
Even the PowerMac I just mentioned has a special customized version of OS9, you can't install a retail OS9 on it (I tried it myself on mine).

You can use Classic mode, but it won't give you the GUI-look you want.
Or, as Vicky said, get an older Mac from eBay (I would suggest one with at least a G3 though...). You can find some cheap ones...

But OS9 is definitely not the system you want to's more than looks that make the difference between 9 and X.
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