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Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
Have you seen the size of the new iLife applications? iPhoto, a photo manager, is 1.7GB.
Haven't checked to be honest, but my recent update download was in the order of 800MB. It'd be interesting to see where the "fat" sits. You seem quite knowledgable van, any idea?

Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
Windows 7 is not all that large compared to say OSX. Not at all. I don't remember Windows 8 being all that bloated either when I tried it. Just don't like the interface for a Computer. It's great for a device.

4tb? That sounds more like you are speaking of Adobe! Grin
not much experience with Adobe, I'm afraid! Actually I lie: Acrobat Reader on Windows. Now that is a serious piece of bloatware. Since moving over to Mac and because of the new interface, I avoid Windows 8 like the plague. Windows 7 was actually a reasonable OS, but in my experience MS stuff has always been quite bloated and quite slow as a result. One MS product I do enjoy though is SQL Server.
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