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That topic doesn't make sense but looking for a case recommendation that actually stays on the Mac but is easy to take off. I have a Moshi snap on plastic one for my 13" but I want something that's easy to take on and off since I don't like keeping a case on it. Basically what I'd like is a normal cotton or fabric type case, with even a handle etc on it, but that when you unzip it, you can leave the Mac sitting in it and then just attach it to the display so that the top of the case keeps it covered. So if I was at the beach for example and wanted to do some work, I could just open the case and keep it covering it etc. Funny example but this is what keeps popping into my mind, from The Net with Sandra Bullock, how she has basically a case but that stays "affixed" to the device when open. Everything I search for either seems to be a permanent plastic type solution like the Speck or Moshi, or is just a sleeve, or normal case. Thanks!
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