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Originally Posted by Gert Frobe
So avi's don't work on the stock version of quicktime. I was forced to download a third party program, vlc. Granted, vlc is rather nifty, however I can't stand opening up vlc, I'd rather just use the default quicktime. Are there any drivers available to enable a playback within quicktime or do I have to continue my current process? :confused:

I just downloaded vlc, because I still can't get avi's to play in quicktime, despite downloading a bunch of codecs. I noticed the following in the readme, and if nothing else has worked for you, this might be the thing to do:

To use VLC media player, you will need to open the application first and then from the "File" menu open the file or disk, you would like to view. Double-clicking a file will result in QuickTime Player trying to open it. If you prefer you can change this by selecting your file and choosing "Get Info" from the "File" menu of the Finder. In the "Open With" section you can select VLC and if you check the checkbox, then all files of the type you have selected will be opened in VLC media player if you double-click them from that moment on.
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