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Originally Posted by TattooedMac View Post
What i have found and you can STILL do is you CAN sync your PDF's to any iOS device via iTunes. All you need to do is to now Drag them, or use Shift+Command+O and Add to Library, and once your PDF is in the iBooks Library, goto iTunes then Click on your Device then goto Book across the top Menu Bar and select Sync Book>All Book/Selected Books and in those book are your PDF's.
It still works but you just can't use the Script you used to use, unless it does ?? The Script ones can now be used to goto the iBook Library and then Drag or Add To Library and goto iTunes and do what you have always done. All it has done, has taken it from iTunes and put it in iBooks.

I just did this and works fine
I thought this worked for me once, but last night I tried this numerous times with several different PDF's, and the PDF never synchronized from iTunes to my iPhone. I'm tired of trying to get this non-intuitive iBooks piece of junk to work. iBooks for the Mac is really half-baked, you can't even read a PDF in it! It just opens it in the Preview app.

Instead, I just updated the kindle app on my iPhone running iOS 7 (Which is another story). The new kindle app supports collections, which it had not in the past. They actually listened to their customers, unlike Apple. The kindle app is far superior to iBooks, and there's also the "Send to Kindle" app for the Mac. It's MUCH easier to sync PDF files between devices and Macs. With the Kindle app you can:

1. Point the content directory on multiple Macs to a dropbox or google drive, then just drop your PDF's in that drive and they are instantly available on ALL Macs!

2. Drag and drop a PDF onto the "Send to Kindle" app to easily transfer them to my iPhone, iPads, and Nook.

3. From the kindle management web app, I can send content to all my devices.

4. From the print menu in any application, I can send PDF files to any of my iDevices via email.

5. From Finder, simply control-click on one or more documents and choose Send to Kindle.

6. I have scripts which emails PDF's to any of my devices.

I've been waiting for iBooks on the Mac for months, and it sucks compared to Kindle!
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