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Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
These are the things that make it less than a "Pro" machine to me...
  • It's designed to be disposable (glued together).
  • It lacks an optical drive
  • It's compromised in terms of storage and memory expansion solely for the sake of slimness.
  • It has a novelty display that is of no practical use and in fact, results in diminished performance for no net benefit.
Interesting points.
  • Manufacturing techniques are changing - it can be a negative, but I think it provides a better overall construction. I'd certainly take a glued rMBP over a "soon-to-rattle-to-pieces" LeNovo. I'd agree on glued battery though.
  • Optical drives are becoming a relic, with broadband, streaming and thumb-drives that are many times the size of optical discs...their days are numbered. Not to mention write speeds. I'd bet the vast majority of people hardly use optical drives. That would be a waste of space in my view (following point).
  • I agree with the slimness, storage may be compromised. But: with USB3 and lug when you need to, but when you don't you have a slim, light machine...translated = sexy machine. And sexiness is important - it's a compromise, but very important in a product. Although an engineer, I actually want sexiness in the tools I use.
  • I have to disagree about the display - it may have compromised performance on the first iteration, but that issue will soon disappear, if it hasn't already. A retina display is a huge step forward in personal computing, I think it's brilliant that Apple was the first - retina will eventually be a standard.

I suppose it's difficult to please everyone though, as we can see. Possibly statistics dictate that today's definition of a Pro has changed from what it used to be a few years ago.

In my case, I develop on Windows (yay) and for many different microprocessor families. I generally have 3 Fusion VM's open at any time, running XP and 7 (not a single one with 8, bald enough already!). I run them on either my 2011 iMac or 2012 15" MBP with hi-res display (both 16GB RAM) and they both laugh at the task (my MBP's fans do run quite hard in summer). In my case, without being pretentious, I'd say I am a Pro user and the rMBP would be a great tool for me: power, etc, with good screen real-estate. But that's one user in how many?

I believe that Apple genuinely tries to create the best product possible. Naturally the business case must make sense, but only the business case would lead to failure ultimately. I personally don't think we're at business-case-only at this point.

Maybe a look at them in the Store will give a better sense of what they're all about...
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