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Originally Posted by TattooedMac View Post
Well if your scripts put your pdfs to iBooks on your iPad via iTunes, then i can see no problem you getting them to iBooks on your Mac if you have iCloud set up.
But I'm honestly confused at why this is a problem for you, because if they are on your Mac already, then your trying to sync them to iBooks on your iPad and iPhone, then using the iCloud to get them back to your Mac and in iBooks, and then when you click on a PDF in iBooks for Mac it brings it up in Preview, so why Sync in the first place. Why not leave the pdf's on your Mac double click and then they are opened with Preview.
And to get them to your iPad and iPhone make a script to put them in iBooks and they will sync with them.
Apple once again gets the blame for doing something, when all they have done, is changed how things are done, and it just means learning the new way of doing it.
So instead of the script to iTunes, drag them to or make a script to put them in the iBooks library and your done.

I can't see how its Apple fault. you said in the first post . Now how do you get them into the cloud for your Kindle ?? You can still get your PDF's into the iCloud, but it is just done a different way now. Think Different

PS : Under iBooks>File there is Add to this Library, it has a drop down like any looking for a File/Folder/Document, you choose your PDF's and you can do it that way. Make a script to put ALL PDF's into one folder then you only have to choose 1 folder or Select All
No that's the problem, PDF files are never in the cloud. Using iTunes, you could copy a PDF to the "Automatically add to iTunes directory", then sync your iDevice. But now you cannot see The PDFs in iTunes. The "Books" section under Library is removed.

And scripts are not the only way I add PDF's. I might open a PDF on my iPhone, open it in iBooks on the iPhone, then how does that sync to your other devices? Not having a cloud based solution for PDF's is inconvenient!
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