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Originally Posted by osxx View Post
My major complaint is you can only get Apple Care for 3yrs and it is technically no-user upgradeable or repairable thats a lot of money for a 3 yr guarantee they either need to drop the price a lot more ,include Apple Care or extend it to 4yr.
Yeah, it is WAYYYY cheaper on iMac's, but it doesn't cover drops and stuff so I don't get it.

Originally Posted by MYmacROX View Post
I agree with most of what's been said about phasing out 15" non-retina MBP. It was the first thing I thought of last night when watching the video and initially I was sorely disappointed.

HOWEVER... the people I see having a true dilemma are the pros who need the power machines. Good points have been brought up about repair and upgrading RAM and internal storage. Maybe many of those individuals will move away from Apple notebooks. Time will tell.

Most average users will be able to get by with a MBA once prices and specs and tech adjust in the next couple of yrs. **Moore's law** Also, someone like myself won't even need a notebook 5 yrs from now The iPad will keep getting better and iCloud functionality will improve. My iMac will be my main storage hub and my iPad will be my point of access. Everything is saved to the cloud and synced to my iMac. More affordable than a new MBP.

Well, that's just my take and I could be missing a few things. I'm no expert. It's just how I see things progressing in the next half decade. *shrug*
Ha screw Air's and pads, it would take me 3 times as long to post this on a touchscreen tablet than on my MBP, and airs are just size for money, if you need small or just a facebook machine there good but otherwise MBP all the way.

Apple seems to be stuffing it's self in to niche corners and letting everyone else (android, samsung, microsoft) take over the rest of the market, even in phone's they refuse to make a 128gb model or put in an SD card slot and then they make iOS more like android... so people just buy inexpensive android phones or Galaxy S4's for cheap because iPhones hardly ever go on sale.

They are trying to be ahead of the times by taking stuff away, the iPad isn't that good yet, and CD's and optical disks are still used, and people will always like to replace there ram and HDD.
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