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Originally Posted by TattooedMac View Post
Don't know what your talking about ?? iBooks can sync my deDRMed and imported books as well as native iBooks, and all my .pdf's i have in my Books Library in iTunes. What ever i have on my iPad Mini, i have on my Mac iBooks, via iCloud, and then all the PDF's i have in iTunes under Books, also come up in iBooks.

I really don't know what your doing wrong, but what you say isn't so. I even have my Amazon Books in there as you can see in the Top Left of the image. (Don't judge me, it was free) The D7000 is a PDF so they are there too.

I'm not doing anything wrong, you're not understanding the issue. iBooks did pull all of my books from iTunes on my iMac. After which opening iTunes, the "Books" section is gone under Library. But I've found you can still sync PDF's from iTunes to your iPhone and iPad using iTunes, as was the case before iBooks for Mac. Not as automated as a cloud solution for PDF's, but it's something. I was hoping that all of my PDF's would be sync'd to iBooks on my MacBook Pro as well, but there is no sync between iBooks on the Macs. Only purchased books were sync'd to my Macbook from the cloud.
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