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Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
Most Android tablet apps are blown-up phone apps that haven't been optimized for tablets, and even when they are, they're not made for a specific screen size. Beyond that, Android apps, in general, are rarely as well made as their iOS counterparts because of the extent of Android fragmentation and the Java-based SDK, which is designed around the theory of programming for the least common denominator (in terms of hardware).

The Surface RT is a joke, because frankly, there's just a paltry selection of half-baked HTML5 apps. The Surface Pro might be a bit more appealing because it can run Windows apps, but then, most of those are not made to be touch-centric, so the experience is subpar.

Apple really has a good thing going with the iPad, and though I agree that they could be a bit more economical, particularly with the higher capacity versions (+$100 increments for storage is laughable in this day and age when a 128GB SSD is less than $100), the quality of the software more than makes up for the price difference. And after all, we buy these things to run software. So, if the software sucks, what's the point?
Though I love my Android phone(Note 3), your statement about all the other tablets is just about spot on. The only other tablet I enjoyed owning, besides the 1st gen iPad I used to have, was the BlackBerry Playbook. It was nice, easy to use, but it's getting old now, and didn't have as large of an app marketplace selection. Everything else is garbage in my opinion, and they're just trying to hard to make something work/be something it isn't. Most of those other tablets are also so difficult to work around in terms of UI, and it's just not a comfortable experience. This is especially evident when you are trying to lure new buyers by letting them play with your display models. And then "smart" people will try to spin that around as being a positive attribute.

Back to the Retina MBP models. I actually think people are way over exaggerating the "upgrade" abilities that no longer exist. If someone was serious about using high amount of ram, they would just get it stock from Apple with high amount of ram...or storage space(with the ability of being able to self-upgrade in the future). There's really not that much of a trade off in my opinion. If you compare the performance specs of today's MBP to those of not that long ago, the performance difference is worthy on its own. I don't even know of normal(average Joes) people who use more than 8gb of ram in their personal computers. All the ones I know who do have more than 8gb of ram work in design or advertising.

As for fixability...yeah, nothing much to argue about there. It's a pretty $$$$ to fix them. That's the only thing that hurts everything for me. I have this weird thing with buying something that has very limited amount areas where I can fix it on my own. That's why I love huge tower PCs and the Mac Pro that I have.

Since I'm nowhere near to being in the market for anything new right now from Apple's line of computers, all I can do is appreciate the awesome amounts of power they are capable of delivering in such a small unit. And, knock on wood, I've never owned a laptop that has been as reliable(in all aspects) as my MBP. That same thing could also be said about 13" MBP I bought used off this forum. Just about to go on 5 years of being its owner on my 15", and still on the original battery(though it's at 55% health). I need some time to go knocking on every piece of wood I can find.

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