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Okay so sorry for the confusion but I have both a mac and a windows laptop that has vista yeah its old but it works. On my mac it has the latest itunes version and its kinda hard to downgrade that to 11.05 now on my windows laptop I have 11.05 itunes but if I was to restore my iphone 4 on that lalptop then I wouldn't be able to use it on my mac. Catching on so far? Good. When I tried to restore to 5.1.1 on my laptop Itunes just had an error so I might have to try out my 6.0.1 blobs I don't have any 6.1.3 blobs cause I was semi tethered on that firmware. I tried doing the 6.1.2 blobs but ifaith said it was a bad blob file. Hopefully I can go back to ios 6 cause ios 7.0.2 is kinda slow on my iphone 4 it works but its not terrible just meh. Now the question is is there any other program I can use to transfer media to my iphone 4 other then itunes on my mac since I can't use itunes unless I downgrade it?

Samsung Galaxy s4 4.4.2, Mac mini late 2012.
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