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Originally Posted by TattooedMac View Post
You are confusing me here. First you say "on your Mac" then you say "on your laptop" and on your Mac you have the latest iTunes and on your Laptop a earlier Version of iTunes that will recognise the ispw ?? Correct ?? Yes ?? Then where is the problem ??

What i want to know is what type of Laptop do you have and is it Windows or a MB/MBA/MBP ??
I no you can go back a iOS version ONLY on the iPhone4 and no other and you can get there by downloading iTune 11.0.5 and you can download that here.
Is it true you can roll back to 6 on a Iphone 4? I have resisted going to IOS7 fearing I may not like the speed on my iPhone 4. I thought I had read you could not revert back to 6. I would try it if I can go back. I already have iTunes 11.0.5.
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