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So, I just discovered I have a "Bought Apps" tab on the MAS. And I saw it said "You have 3 apps to accept". Because of the language barrier, I took a screenshot:

I think they are iLife suite apps?
Anyway, if I accept them, will the next owner of this macbook be able to update them? I mean, are the apps licensed to the device or to my account?
Although I won't have anything to do with my AppleID if I sell my computer, I don't want anyone use it, of course.

Second question of mine is about the purchased apps and discounted (sometimes given free for a limited time) apps.
If I bought an app while it was free (or discounted), and then remove it for some reason, and the developer decides to make it a paid app again (or remove the discount), am I entitled to download it without any price?
I think I can get the discounted ones even if I removed the app and they remove the discount, but I am not sure about the free ones.

For instance, this app is free for now (from 3,59 to Free): App Shopper: Smart Wall (Utilities) I got this. Let's say I remove this, and they make it 3,59 again. Will I have to pay that price to download and install it again?
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